This blog was first published in May 2013.

Kings Park and Botanical Garden is listed as the most popular destination in Perth. This attraction boosts of a land area of 400.6 hectres of only about 1.5 km from Perth’s Central Business District. There is also a look out point of the meeting point of the Swan and Canning River. I spent a quiet afternoon in this beautiful park taking pictures of the flora and fauna, and quietly chasing after the various birds to get a snapshot of them. I will share some of the photos I took on my iPhone and they do not do the actual beauty justice but nonetheless… Drink in the beauty!

Perth: The Kings Park & Botanical Garden during Fall - The 2 Rivers Meet
The Swan and Canning Rivers meet
Perth Kings Park Tree
Do you know what tree this is? =)
Perth Acacia Steps
The Acacia Stairs with designs of various acacia on each step.
Perth Kings Park trees
Love the serenity and freshness of these trees along the pathway as we walked.
Perth Kings Park Duck
One of my duck ‘pursuit’ and managed to capture it in a photo!
Perth Kings Park Bridge
Thought this bridge is so cool to have a message engraved at one of its ends…

I highly recommend you to spend some time sitting on a grass plain to drink in the beauty. I ended up lying flat on the mat, looking up at the sky and surroundings, and even closing my eyes to tune-in to the sounds of nature!

Perth Kings Park under the tree
Take a mat and sit on the lovely grass to fully submerge yourself in the beauty!

It is time to stop and smell the flowers… For more information about the Kings Park and Botanical Gardens, you can check out

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