This is my third trip to the Blue Mountain Kelong. This time was four days three nights. The physical distance is not that far, but getting there involved a few mode of transport. We start off at Singapore Cruise Centre on a 60min ferry ride to Batam. Upon arrival at Batam, we changed to a van for a land transfer of about an hour depending along Barelang Highway to Mongak dam. After which is a boat ride of about 30min to get to Blue Mountain kelong.

Singapore Cruise Centre

Dam Jetty
Mongak dam jetty after an hour of land transfer.
Boat to Blue Mountain Kelong from Mogog dam jetty.
Boat to Blue Mountain Kelong from Mongak dam jetty.

The 30min boat ride to the kelong can be a little rough for those who have motion sickness since it is a small boat. Personally I enjoyed the boat ride being in the expanse of blue skies and sea! Here’s the sight of the kelong as the boat is nearing.

Blue Mountain Kelong Batam
Sight of the Blue Mountain Kelong as the boat draws near.

All meals were provided at the kelong. Meals include breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper! We had loads of seafood, be it fish, prawns, crabs, shellfish, cuttlefish, you named it we had it… and in abundance!

Dining Area
The two big tables laid out waiting for us at each meal time.
BM Food
I will not overload this post with food photos… but here is a sample a few dishes! Nom Nom Nom…

The rooms are simple, but with its own attached bathroom. Do note that all waste goes back to the sea. You can see the sea from the little gaps between the wood planks. They bought new thick mattresses for their rooms as I remembered the previous stay was on thinner mattresses.

BM Room
Simple and clean layout. Some rooms can sleep up to 4 people.
BM Corridor to rooms
Here is the corridor with the rooms on the right. To the left is the sea already!

There isn’t much to do at the kelong except to fish, read, draw/paint (which we did quite a bit), sleep, chit chat, eat, sit around, and take loads of photos. Some tried swimming in the sea and some others took a hike to the attached island where they see various vegetation and simple farming.

BM Deck
The Blue Mountain Kelong has an open deck where you can do rod fishing. Some of us just get a chair and sit around to chill and chit chat.
BM Island
View of island from Kelong connected by a long walkway where a guided hike tour can be arranged.
BM Painting exhibition
So we painted… and did an art exhibition on a bench!
BM Me Guit Sketch
A friend did a sketch of me playing the guitar. Island life!

There was an unexpected highlight for us… the kelong rescued a very sick turtle some time ago and they were ready to release it back to the sea. I was told that it was so sick that they had to scrub algae off its shell. It was great to witness this beautiful creature regained strength to head back out to the deep wide sea! Feels so good to be connected with nature. The urban jungle dweller finds life again after being immersed in nature, awakening something that was buried deep.

BM Rescued Turtle
Turtle all ready to embrace its new season of life! The kelong staff just took it out from the enclosure in the sea where it provided a safe recovery space.

We planned to head out to the White Beach of a nearby island but the rain came. So we were all at the kelong and I painted. While painting, I decided to add a rainbow in hope to see one since White Beach was not possible. God painted the sky with a full bow rainbow!! What a display!

Full rainbow!
Full bow rainbow from the kelong after showers.

The sunrise at the kelong was beautiful! Yes, we woke up at 5am to see the sunrise. We slept early as there was not much to do at night, without wifi except each other’s company. The sound of waves had a sedative effect on me and I was constantly sleepy! I shall leave you with a few of my favourite photos of sunrises taken during my stay using my iPhone 5. Hope you enjoy them!

BM Sunrise 2Sunrise 3BM Sunrise 5BM Sunrise 4

BM Sunrise 1BM Panoramic Sunrise

BM Kelong
Such an awesome time at Blue Mountain Kelong! Definitely want to come back!

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