I had to go to Sitiawan so took a flight from Singapore to Ipoh on Tiger Airway recently opened direct flight that cuts the 8-9hr bus ride to slightly less than 1.5hrs flight. My flight landed at 4.30pm in Ipoh and will stay a night in Ipoh. Airport taxi costs RM25 and there was quite a wait of about 30min.

I tried Onn Kee’s chicken Hor Fan in the new town of Ipoh which was right across the famous Lou Wong as it was closed. The hor fan was so smooth that it was completely slurpilicious! The bean sprouts was fat, juicy and sweet and the free range chicken was smooth, tasty and fragrant. I couldn’t stop eating until all good was wiped out even though I was stuffed! We paid only slightly less than RM45 for half a chicken, a big plate of bean sprouts and 3 big bowls of hor fan. Worth every bit!

Ipoh Quick Stop - FOOD!
I went back to Lou Wong 2 days later to try the famous chicken hor fan that bus loads of tourists visit. Ordered a simple bowl of chicken hor fan at RM5. I was disappointed as the hor fan was clumpy although smooth. Chicken breast meat was tender and broth was tasty.

Just a 5min walk away is Funny Mountain soya beancurd. I say it is a must try! The water in Ipoh creates exceptionally smooth food like hor fan and this bean curd! A small bowl only costs RM1.20. I would have had a second helping if I was not full from the chicken hor fan.

When in Ipoh, you must also try the Fruit Ice Kacang. We went to “Wei Sek Gai” aka “Tong Shui Gai” to get ours. There is also a famous beef noodles stall in the area which we had no tummy space to fit. It is shaved snow ice topped with generous serving of local fruits for only RM5.50-6.00. I had to share with a friend and the galore of fruits included, water melon, jackfruit, honeydew, dragon fruit, mango, grapes, nata de coco, etc, plus a blob of vanilla ice-cream! Yummm

Ipoh is definitely a good stopover town for food! Love the slow pace of life here as well.

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