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Genesis Land is perhaps not the top of the mind site in Israel that people will recommend. Located between between the Dead Sea and Jerusalem, accessible by bus 125 for public transport. We had a Israeli guide and driver with us and thus we did not have to find our way. Coming from Mount of Olives, it was about an hour drive and we were all in high excitement about this special lunch.

The camels sitting outside of the entrance caught our attention when we were approaching the entrance. Many of the camels wore a smile on their faces, very different from those in Petra or other places in Israel. They are definitely in good care.

The first to greet us was Eliezer, dressed in Biblical latest fashion with a BIG smile! This was our first taste of Abraham’s hospitality. He brought us into the hut where he explained the landscape of the location and told the story of his master, Abraham. The animated and humourous introduction increased our anticipation to meet Abraham in person.

We were led to the camels and off we went on a 10-minute camel ride to where Abraham had set our lunch tables! The view from the camel ride was awesome. Upon arrival, Abraham and Eliezer took jugs of water for us to wash our hands. They served us personally, without the need to go to the toilet or basins to get ready for the meal after the camel rides. We were sitted in the tent that faced the vast desert. Abraham extended a warm welcome and had some really good apple jokes from the time of Adam. Lunch was amazing! The bread, salads and hummus were of great standard. Of course, their famous Date Honey Silan chicken was finger-licking good that many had second helping. We had a generous plate of dried fruits, including dates, raisins and apricots with coffee or tea to round up the meal. Not only did they serve good food, the whole experience with Abraham and Eliezer role-playing and mingling with us was an unforgetable experience.

We had fun riding the camels back to the hut after lunch. Some rode the camels again as they enjoyed it so much. I will highly recommend a lunch stop here. Perhaps one day I will try their desert camping and other activities!


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